Buying a house

The purchase of a house for many people remains the most important investment of a lifetime, finding your way in the real estate market is not easy, especially in a period that offers countless properties for sale, let’s see how to get better oriented….. we must consider that the investment should be planned first according to their savings, based on their income, the possibility of obtaining or not a loan…..After the financial assessment is essential to keep in mind some basic requirements in order not to make mistakes on the choice of property to buy.

It often happens to meet people who, just a few years after having purchased a house, complain of having made a hasty choice and of having evaluated the investment badly, thus finding themselves unhappy and with the difficulty of reselling the property purchased, perhaps even having to lower its price a lot. There is nothing worse than living in a house that we do not feel is suitable for our life and finding ourselves with a wrong investment.

Let’s then analyze the case in which we should buy a house as a private home, and at this point it is essential to evaluate well the daily habits, the presence of children and above all the distance from the workplace and from services of primary necessity such as schools. Let’s remember that for most of the year we repeat the same movements, we frequent the same places, and therefore it is important to be comfortable in reaching them.

If the investment should concern a property for vacation use to take into account the proximity to places of leisure and sports, beaches, bike paths, playgrounds, stores, bars and restaurants, as well as places of cultural, historical and scenic interest. Essential for a vacation home is to be able to forget the use of the car, to disconnect completely from everyday life. Think if to reach the beach every day or the stores of first necessity was necessary to use the car, in the end the few days of relaxation could become stressful.

Secondly, but must be only marginal influences, can enter the merit of the emotional or affective values as may be the view of the landscape ….. but it would be good not to be too influenced by these and focus on our real needs.

Fundamental is the fact that some factors will be able to increase the value of our property over time, the exposure, the services of the area, the central location to the town, public services and transport, bike paths, playgrounds, stores, and other factors that will penalize a property from the beginning, such as the lack of green condominium and / or private, the need for expensive maintenance, small balconies and narrow or even non-existent, exposure of the house on one side…..lack of services and lack of parking spaces. A property located in a decentralized area, in the suburbs will certainly have a lower value than a central property and will certainly not be a good investment in the long run. Instead a central property will almost certainly appreciate in value over time.

As far as the purchase of a new building or an old one is concerned, it is important to remember that the new one gives guarantees over time, first of all it will be built with avant-garde constructive systems, it offers the possibility to personalize one’s own house in all the parts that concern the interior, such as the choice of the covering materials, the furnishing and above all a new building does not need much maintenance as an old one would, which will surely have heat dispersion and therefore a deficit in terms of living comfort as well as a greater economic expenditure.

Finally, remember that buying directly from the construction company offers its advantages, in addition to having a direct relationship with those who build your property you will save on brokerage fees, you will be able to be followed carefully by those who build and, if the company is structurally prepared, to have advice regarding the design of the interior.

Remember that the house is still the best investment for your savings, rely on professionals and especially inquire about the references of the construction company, important are the years in which it operates in the territory, in this way you will always have more guarantees of transparency and soundness and your will be a safe investment.


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